Legends, lore and sagas are aplenty on the KZN South Coast. There is a vibrant and rich history in all areas, from famous artists – through to historical buildings.

There is of course the legend of the São João – the great Portuguese galleon, with a registered weight of 900 tons, which met a violent storm near Port Edward in 1552. She was ripped apart and 120 of the 600 passengers drowned. Of the remaining 500-odd survivors that set out on foot, only 25 people managed to complete the hapless journey.

One of the most feted folklore tales is the legend of Shaka’s Isivavane (Lucky Heap of Pebbles). It reveals that the Umzumbe region was home to a tribe of cannibals. In 1828, whilst leading a raid into the Transkei, the legendary Zulu King, Shaka, came across this tribe and the battle that followed let to the loss of many lives. From here springs many colourful renderings of this fight. It is really worthwhile to do some research whilst on holiday so that you may better appreciate the entire area and its heritage.

You will be surprised to discover quite how much history is embedded in the soul of the KZN South Coast – it is simply waiting for you to discover it.

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