If you are looking to enjoy a destination of true beauty, blessed by the best that there is to imbibe from a multi-cultural melting pot – then the KZN South Coast is truly the place for you.

It boasts a strong international heritage from almost everywhere across the globe! There is a proud Portuguese heritage – especially in Port Edward where two shipping vessels sank in the 1600’s. The strong German Heritage is still evident, especially at the Lutheran Church in Izotsha. Our own rural cultural heritage can be experienced through enjoying “The Great Drives Out” initiative.

This is a proudly South Coast Tourism project which encourages visitors to get out there and explore the authentic experience in our rich cultural hinterland. The people and the surroundings are diverse and you can learn local customs, support artists who handcraft beautiful items to wear or display, and sample indigenous food and drink as your tour guide unlocks the full tale for you…