The safety of all visitors to the KZN South Coast is of paramount importance. There are lifeguards on duty on many of the beaches, you will see the lifeguard flags on those where lifeguards are on duty. Many of the beaches feature shark nets and the National Sea Rescue Institute are stationed at key points around the coastline to provide their excellent volunteer service for the safety of those who enjoy the ocean.

Crime does occur, but is often opportunistic. Take standard safety precautions, such as not leaving belongings unattended, leaving windows or doors open or unlocked, not walking alone on deserted beaches, especially after dark. Let someone know when you go exploring or set off on trails, and do this in groups. Keep your mobile phones charged and keep the emergency numbers at hand. Should any incidents occur, law enforcement officers, private security companies and community policing forums are all on the lookout and generally quick to respond and assist. During holiday season, police are on duty to protect visitors and citizens. To give you an idea how good they are, the Margate Police Station was awarded the best police station in South Africa in 2018.