Probably the most widespread and easily recognizable culture on the KZN South Coast is the Zulu culture. The hinterland is dotted with authentic rural Zulu villages that still follow a predominantly traditional way of life, and that visitors are encouraged to explore on guided tours as part of the Great Drives Out initiative.

Other main local cultures are made up of Afrikaans, Indian, English and Xhosa-speaking residents. Being a predominantly coastal destination, the region has had its fair share of explorers, adventurers, missionaries and mariners arrive from faraway lands on its shores. Folk from Portugal, Norway, Germany, Italy and Scotland, to name a few, have made their homes here.

The KZN South Coast is a well-established tourism region, with tourism being one of its major economic sectors. This has resulted in a service-oriented culture, with establishments and locals offering a smile and a helping hand wherever they can. The KZN South Coast being a holiday and coastal destination, is also very laid-back, this is where you go to relax and unwind, enjoy the scenic beauty and outdoor adventures.

Apart from different cultures who live and work together every day – the KZN South Coast has a number of local and foreign investors and visitors. A large number have chosen to buy a holiday or retirement home here so they may enjoy the wonderful weather and scenery. The great variety of cultures have added to the area’s culinary repertoire, definitely worth experiencing!

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