Sardine Season

Sardine Season, consisting of multiple events during the South African winter holidays in June and July, celebrates the much-anticipated natural phenomenon, the Sardine Run.

The spectacular Sardine Run, also known as the #GreatestShoalonEarth, can happen any time from May to August and lures excited spectators, travellers, professional and pop-up fisherman from all over the globe.

Sardine Season Events
Plenty seaside and sporting activities take place during the Sardine Season to make sure the whole family enjoy the warm winter days. While the rest of South Africa shiver, enjoy the 22 degree Celsius Indian Ocean waters, offering the perfect setting for chill zones with beach sports, races & games, beauty pageants, toddlers’ corners and sand art, as part of the annual Sardine Season beach programme line-up. You’ll also find popular annual Sardine Season events during this time, such as the South Coast Fever MTB Series, the Sardine Run Golf Tournament, the South Coast Lions Show, the Ugu Jazz Festival, the Shelly Beach Ski Boat Festival and the Maidens Ceremony, to name a few.

Sardine Season Fishing
Apart from sardines, fishermen can catch sharks, shad, salmon, garrick, pompano, kob, bream, kingfish, grunter, crayfish, rockcod, tuna and many other fish during winter. There are as many tackle stores to assist with your needs as there are great fishing spots. And for those who prefer deep-sea fishing, ski boats or charters can easily be organised. Ensure you have the right licences and fish responsibly.

Sardine Season Whale and Dolphin Watching
Due to the Sardine Run, which attracts whales and dolphins in huge numbers, the KZN South Coast is transformed into a whale and dolphin watching paradise. These magnificent creatures scoop up the sardines like the rest of us, while on their journey north. Humpback, Bryde’s, Minke, and killer whales and dolphins can be watched from the shores or why not visit the Whale and Dolphin Viewing Deck in Ramsgate, which is also accessible to otherly abled visitors? Alternatively, whale decks are also available at the following beach destinations: Umtentweni, Margate, Southbroon and Pennington, where you can use binoculars at the Impithi Beach Kiosk.

Sardine Season Shark Cage Diving
Shark cage diving in the KZN South Coast is unsurpassed. World-renowned Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks have designated areas for the shark cage diving, where you can expect to see up to 12 different sharks and rays on the dives, including bull sharks, tiger sharks, oceanic black tip sharks, spinner sharks, greater and scallop hammer head sharks and copper sharks. This makes your personal triumph while achieving the ultimate bucket list item, so much more spectacular.

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