Best Time To Travel

The KZN South Coast is known for its sunny climate and as such is a year-round destination. This means that when to travel is really up to your specific needs.

As one of South Africa’s favourite holiday destinations, The KZN South Coast is popular over the national school holidays. High season is generally over these times, summer season (Dec/Jan), Easter season (Mar/Apr), Sardine season (Jun/Jul) and Spring season (Sep). During season, various events, beach and hinterland activations are put on specificially to entertain visitors. So, if you’re looking for more of a buzz, this is the time to come.

If you’re looking for a quieter time and even better rates, try the KZN South Coast out of season, which is outside of the South African school holiday periods.

For those who want the chance to experience the Sardine Run, when millions of sardines make their way up the coast, you should look at visiting between May and August. As the Sardine Run is a natural phenomenon, exact dates can’t be predicted and there are no guarantees. This also makes it that more special when you witness this fantastic spectacle.
If you’d like to attend a special or major event, such as the Ugu Jazz Festival or the South Coast Bike Fest, your dates will be set around the event dates.

In terms of the weather, April and May are generally exceptional months as it is warm, with very little rain or wind, February can be too hot for some, Aug-Sep can be windy and summer rains can occur mainly Oct-Nov. Keep in mind this is a coastal destination, so the climate is changeable, but this should give you a general indication.

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