The Wild 5 Gorge Swing

The Wild 5 Gorge Swing

Keith Kenneth

Let me start by telling you that the Big Swing in the South Coast (KwaZulu-Natal) is the craziest thing I ever did in my life! It all started on a road trip with a few friends. We drive to the south coast often, because it has the most scenic places to capture on camera. We heard about this place and started talking about going there, maybe even doing the jump. I wasn’t sure at first, I would actually do it, but then my buddies convinced me, that we will all do it together.

I was nervous at first. The view off the gorge was just stunning. The thrill was just out of this world. It’s so fast, but it feels like everything stood still for just a second or two. You feel your heart pounding and skipping a beat at the same time. Your body feels weightless, the rush of blood to your head and then, you feel like nothing is attached to you. You are flying towards the trees and then the bungee cable grips you, so you feel like you are soaring like an eagle over the trees. You are so close to them, that you even feel like you can touch the tree tips. I will do it again in a heartbeat!

I don’t know why, but for some strange reason, I was the first from our group to try it. It was scary, but the most accelerating thing I ever did in my life! The problem was, once I did, they all backed out! I have to say though, I have no regrets, because it was extreme. It’s crazy that we have such crazy adventure on our doorstep. It’s something you got to try, before you die.

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