South Coast Cuisine

South Coast Cuisine

Have a hankering for coastal cuisine? Look no further! The South Coast has an abundance of famous, acclaimed restaurants to quell the famished!

30 Degrees South

Nestled within the beautiful Umthunzi Hotel, 30 Degrees South is an upmarket restaurant on the South Coast and winner of the 2015 best function venue on the South Coast.

Boasting immaculate decor, stunning views of the Indian ocean and scrumptious all-day meals, 30 degrees south is a must visit for anyone visiting the South Coast!

30 degrees south can be found here:

Trattoria la terrazza

Are you looking for a sub-tropical al fresco setting? Trattoria la terrazza is for you!

Set on the banks of the Umkobi lagoon, Trattoria la terrazza offers up a picturesque, tranquil setting whilst boasting some of the best cuisine imaginable.

Trattoria La terrazza can be found here:

The Cellar

The Honeywood forest lodge, restaurant and spa boasts an onsite restaurant with sparkling reviews. This high-end dining establishment will provide the best service along with beautifully plated food.

The Cellar has excellent reviews from many food critics, including a critique featured in “Eat Out” magazine.

Chef and owner Dylan Smith will satisfy all those looking for a fine dining experience. Enjoy a contemporary fusion cooking style in an intimate, romantic setting.

The Cellar can be found here:

de Ras Photo Gallery & The Gallery Cafe

Pieter de Ras is among the top of South Africa’s leading professional photographers, who is now semi-retired on the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. He continues to pursue his passion by teaching small photography courses and taking still life photos.

The Gallery Cafe is a place to immerse yourself in the arts while enjoying delectable cuisine such as crispy eisbein, baby back ribs, calamari and pork belly roast. Be sure to spend your next Sunday lunch at the Gallery Cafe and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to indulge in the arts.

De Ras Photo Gallery & The Gallery Cafe can be found here:

Burlesque Cafe

The Burlesque Cafe is unique in all the right ways. The interior is adorned with fairy lights and shelves decorated with antique teacups, making for a comfortable yet interesting environment.

The cafe specialises in French fusion dishes. Their reviews are overwhelmed by impressed customers who were able to satisfy a craving for delicious French inspired cuisine.

Dine among the antique decor, or dine easy in the beautiful garden that is home to the cafe’s homegrown herbs.

Burlesque cafe can be found here:

The Galleon

If pub-style food is up your alley then head on through to The Galleon. Situated on the Margate hotel premises, The Galleon offers an authentic South African pub style experience.

The Galleon can be found here:

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