These reports has been published by Titanium Media South Africa (TMSA) for Ugu South Coast Tourism (USCT), with a qualified team of researches.

NOTE: In accordance with the POPI Act, which came into effect 1 July 2021, this survey has taken measures to protect the personal data of the respondents, who willingly chose to take the survey. The survey did not require or make it compulsory for personal information to be shared, nor did it contain identifying questions.

Each survey is conducted with a different aim and objective in mind. Each report is collated with the Aim, Objective and Outcome.

Festive Season Performance 2023-2024


SCTIE Occupancy Rates - Winter 2023

SCTIE Occupancy Rates - Easter 2023

Winter Season Occupancy Survey

Easter Weekend 2022 - Post Survey

Easter Weekend 2022 - Pre Survey

Visitor Survey November 2021

Visitor Survey June 2021

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