Established in 1813, Harding must be the most unassuming town, tucked away in the hinterland… but scratch beneath its surface, with the help of some well-informed locals, and you will uncover a colourful history of gunrunners, ivory traders and fearless men. You may even meet the descendants of Dingaan’s translator at favourite local hangout, the Harding Country Club, the only non-coastal golf club in the Golf Coast. The annual Harding Country Show is a local institution, which draws its loyal visitors from far and wide. Worth a visit and a stay, at any of the town’s tranquil accommodation establishments, which, in true character, is hidden from sight, to be discovered like any other oasis…

Surejoy Industries

Animal Farm at B’s Guest House

Tacit Media


The Forest House B&B

Lazy Living Guest Lodge

Kenton B&B

Harding Country Club

B’s Guest House

Mount Nebo Arena

Lavender Hill B&B

Green Acres B&B

Executive Guest House

ANEW Resort Ingeli Forest


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