Munster Motor Museum

Doctor Rory Byrne, former Chief Designer and now consultant to Ferrari, officially opened the Munster Motor Museum at a packed event on 9 February 2018. Rod Kinsey, who has together with Con Engelbrecht and Ken Sink, managed the iconic Classic Cars and Motorcycles in Margate for 4 years, has built a motor museum in a specially constructed barn on his family estate to give the vintage cars a new home that reflects his family’s lifelong passion and contribution to cars and motor racing.

The Munster Motor Museum gives an interactive display of antique cars from restoration in the workshop to final display and will continuously revolve its collection to showcase between 10 and 20 classic cars at any one time.

Providing a loving home for these classic beauties, the museum also features motorcycles; a quirky fold-up cycle from yesteryear; motor engines and models showing the inner workings of steam, diesel, petrol and electric engines; a large and enviable range of model planes, ships and automobiles; motor related artefacts from shipping, motoring and flying.

Education is at the heart of the museum and Rod gives students training in the library at the museum, which double up as a lecture room to further the subjects of motors and motoring. Here you will find extensive collections of motoring publications such as CAR, Autocar, Motorsport and many more.

Don’t miss the huge crank shaft of the local shipwreck The Nightingale on display at the Munster Motor Museum. The vessel ran aground on Glenmore Beach in 1933. Part of the wreck can still be seen on the rocks during low tide and after high seas and storms you may still find some trader beads or bits of porcelain from the Sao Joao wreck. Old photographs and treasures found can be seen at the Nightingale restaurant, about 2km from the museum.

The Munster Motor Museum welcomes visitors, locals and groups. Entrance is minimal with special rates for pensioners, scholars, group and frequent customers.