Agri Tours

Farm Tours are fun for everyone. The KZN South Coast has a great agricultural heritage supplying produce such as bananas, macadamia nuts, tea tree oil, sugarcane, timber and coffee nationally and internationally.

From the boutique colonial-styled farm stall, The Outlook Trading Post, you can embark on a fascinating journey discovering the most sophisticated banana packshed in Kwazulu-Natal. Learn everything there is to know about bananas, of course, but also gain an insight into the region’s history and weather. Or when you are closer to Port Edward or visiting MacBanana lifestyle and adventure centre, you can also do a banana tour on the banana farm there.

For coffee lovers, visit the world’s southernmost coffee estate, Beaver Creek for a crop to cup coffee tour. A family-owned business, Beaver Creek provides service with a personal touch. Here you will learn the distinctive flavours of the world’s coffee regions and the processes involved in creating the perfect cup. Finish off sampling coffee and purchasing a range of the world’s best coffees.