Maidens Ceremony

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Umgubho Wezintombi, or the Maidens Ceremony as it’s popularly known, is a traditional Zulu event that takes place annually, where girls participate in the traditional dance of the maidens to celebrate their purity and to be chosen for possible inclusion in the famous annual Reed Dance. Zulu girls from all over the Ugu district take part in the celebrations, with most of them coming from the KwaNyuswa area.

The week before the ceremony the young ladies are kept in separate rooms, where they will stay until the day of the ceremony. While tucked away from society the elder women from the community counsel the young maidens on values and etiquette pertaining to their culture and coming of age, as well as respect for their parents and community and protecting themselves.

This practice is still strongly believed in and the girls dress in traditional wear with beads. Before the ceremony the girls sing from inside the homestead as a sign to show that the young lady is still under her parent’s supervision and guidance. After the ceremony the community get together for a feast of meats and umqombothi, traditional Zulu beer.

Visitors, local and international, are invited to delve into the Zulu culture and experience a rare insight into this Zulu tradition annually in July at KwaNyuswa, Ezinqoleni. Convoys are generally organised by Ugu South Coast Tourism, please enquire at any of the offices or Visitor Information Centres.

The reed Dance takes place in September each year at Nyokeni, kwaNongoma.