The Ntelezi Msani Commemoration

Hosted by the Ntelezi Msani Heritage Foundation, the Ntelezi Msani commemoration is an annual culture and heritage event that seeks to remember the 1906 Bhambatha Poll Tax Uprising and honour those who opposed it, including 36 leaders and the Mtwalume community.

The tax, which was imposed by the Natal colonial government to settle the debt incurred during the British-Boer War of 1899-1902, was vehemently protested. Ntelezi Msani was one of the unsung heroes of the uprising, having been sentenced to death on 20 March 1906 by the British Colonial Court, with the sentence rescinded to 15 years of exile and hard labour on St Helena island, where he died.

The event generally includes a memorial lecture, a traditional ritual with the descendants of the community stalwarts who opposed the tax, public commemoration and cultural activities with traditional music and dances such as Isigekle, Ingoma yeziNsizwa, Umzantsi, Shiyameni, Isibhaca, and Maskandi.

Find the Ntelezi Msani Memorial at Emjahweni, Mtwalume, Umzumbe.