Up Close and Personal – Shark Cage Diving

Most people want to limit their encounters with sharks to zero. Others live to see these formidable creatures on a daily basis. Somewhere in between, those who are willing to suspend their natural fears for an hour or so, can witness first-hand the reason why the passionate supporters and operators are so committed to sharks and their conservation.

Shark cage diving in the South Coast is unsurpassed. World-renowned Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks have designated areas for shark cage diving, where you can expect to see up to 12 different shark species and rays on the dives, including Bull sharks, Tiger sharks, Oceanic Black Tip sharks, Spinner sharks, Greater and Scallop Hammerhead sharks and Copper sharks. This makes your personal triumph while achieving the ultimate bucket list item, so much more spectacular.

For more information on shark cage diving operators, please contact your local Visitor Information Centre. Boat launches to Aliwal Shoal are from Umkomaas, Scottburgh and Rocky Bay and to Protea Banks, from Shelly Beach.