Home to Henry the world’s oldest Nile crocodile

The first time I visited the Crocworld Conservation Centre, home to the world’s oldest Nile crocodile, the notorious Henry, I was completely amazed! After only a 40-minute drive from Durban, you first enter through the curio shop and immediately get a sense of the beautiful African artwork, wildlife books and value for money memorabilia you can take home. It sets the tone for an African adventure.

Crocworld is the ideal destination for families to enjoy with stroller-friendly pathways around the hilly landscape, over their man-made, wooden bridges, crossing over their water features and overlooking some phenomenal bird species. Crocworld boasts a diverse range of bird life from their iconic fish eagle to vulture breeding pairs, quirky-looking marabou storks and their elegant flamingoes. The area is a birders paradise with wild fish eagles, plenty of yellow billed kites, wooly neck storks and even palm nut vultures’ common sightings.

Crocworld is like another dimension. The beauty of crocodiles can be seen at various enclosures on the Crocworld property.

There is also a section called McDonald’s Farm that allows one the opportunity to visit and feed goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, roosters and pigs. The Crocworld jungle gym area is large and provides the perfect opportunity for parents to relax in the shade while their children have fun.

As for the crocs themselves, standby for a feeding frenzy! The power of the crocodile jaws cracking the bones of its lunch is fascinating. Throughout the property there are various enclosures with a multitude of animals and experiences. No matter where you look, there are crocodiles for sure.

Last, but not least, a definite favourite and must-see, is the informative snake show where you may even have an opportunity to meet Monty the python.

Trust me, the KZN South Coast is hard to beat when it comes to family friendly offerings – there are plenty of gems to explore!

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