Welcome to Southbroom

Southbroom is a wonderful coastal village with a story of its own. Southbroom has an impressive 4-kilometer-long coastline and has protected indigenous plant species stretching along the sandy beaches! This town is a unique experience, even for the most travelled.

This coastal town is popular during the peak holiday seasons but can be enjoyed throughout the year. There are activities and sights for everybody! ‘Feeling at home’ is what many visitors say to describe Southbroom, it is a vacation that lets you experience new things while having the comfort of knowing you are in a cosy town with friendly locals!

Lush vegetation means an array of bird and plant species. Make a day of identifying the different birds and plants do not forget to take photographs! You may not always see the same species again on your next visit. Birds are one of the main attractions along the South Coast, be part of the birdwatching tradition that exists along these coastlines.

Southbroom attracts visitors from all around the country, not just for its beauty, but its weather! The weather is always pleasant, with warm sunny days being the common trend. Make sure to pack your hat, sunscreen and bathing suits, there will be lots of swimming! Even if you are caught on a rainy day, there are plenty of things to do that do not require being outside. Visit some of the restaurants that cater to many different cuisines or enjoy a family board game day in one of Southbroom’s self-catering accommodation options! There is accommodation to suit any traveller’s wants and needs, all with comfortable furnishings and reasonable rates.

Like most coastal vacations, a trip would not be complete without a day at the beach! Southbroom has two swimming beaches and is a perfect day outing for the whole family. Have a refreshing swim in the sea, build some sandcastles, relax in, and explore the tidal pools, but most of all, have fun! The sand dunes are a common sight on both beaches, with adults and children both running up and down the dunes and even rolling down! The dunes have the softest sand, making the trip between the two beaches not only easy but pleasurable.

Golfers are welcomed to the golf course available in the town. Make a day of challenging the course and meeting the locals. Tennis courts, bowling clubs, along with golf, make up many of the outdoor sports. There are also retail therapy options more inland of the town, did somebody day shopping day?! Arts and crafts are popular in this town, pay a visit to some of the local craft stores and purchase some souvenirs to always keep the memories alive!

Let Southbroom keep you busy on your next trip, this small town will give you memories that last a lifetime! Southbroom looks forward to seeing you and making you feel right at home. Pack your bags! It is time for a holiday.

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