Welcome to Port Edward

When it comes to the Southern KwaZulu-Natal coastline, the coastal towns are nothing short of amazing! One of these stunning towns with its wonderous sights is Port Edward. Port Edward attracts many visitors from all around the country during the peak holiday seasons and is a popular tourist destination.

The town has indigenous, lush green KZN vegetation all around it, making it a slice of paradise! The beaches are great for family or friend outings with many things to occupy oneself with, from surfing to beachcombing, finding shells and other interesting sea phenomena in the tidal pools, catching a tan, and of course, eating lots of ice cream!

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, time to take the whole day off and experience Port Edward like never before. There are activities to keep the heat at bay, from refreshing swims in the ocean to spending a day at a waterpark.

There are attractions for coffee lovers too. With a coffee shop like no other, Port Edward is guaranteed to give you experiences that will make for a lifetime of stories. There are plenty of restaurants catering to your every taste, from sweet to savoury, mild to spicy, you name it, this town has got it!

Nature lovers, you can enjoy running and hiking trails, witness the array of birdlife, the different plant species and capture every single moment on camera if you can. Bring your hiking boots, things are about to get adventurous. The lovely thing about coastal plant life is the diversity and Port Edward has plenty of diverse species waiting to be seen and uncovered.

There are always activities for the avid golfer too! Port Edward has a friendly golf club just waiting to let you challenge its course, with welcoming locals to cheer you on and show you around. The views are magnificent, and the experience is one every visitor will remember.

With many different accommodation options, your needs will always be met, and you will rest easy knowing that all the details are covered. All you have to do is sit back and relax!

Come rain or shine, there will always be an activity to occupy oneself within Port Edward! The great reviews speak for themselves. Come and experience a vacation that is unique in every way, with activities to keep you on your feet all day and even some to let you relax, have your say in the vacation you want! Port Edward looks forward to seeing you.

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