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Located in the Mzimkulwana River valley in the Kwazulu-Natal province, sits a town full of history, Harding is its name. Before the town got its name, it was a military outpost during the British occupation. The town is bursting with history and cannot wait to welcome you and your family.

On a visit to Harding, travellers can choose to learn about the founding stories of the town’s first stores, the first hotel, and private homes. The town was named after the first Chief Justice in the Natal province, Sir Walter Harding. Harding is also known as a farming town, with timber and dairy being its predominant agricultural sectors.

Harding has picturesque views just waiting to be photographed, calling all photographers, your subject matter is waiting. The town is one to add to the scrapbook or travel blog. It is a peaceful getaway and makes for unforgettable moments and memories.

Harding is surrounded by beautiful vistas, as it rests at the foot of the Ingeli Mountain Range, guaranteed to display the lush vegetation that the Kwazulu-Natal province is known for. The forests surrounding the area are a famous attraction for mountain bikers, hikers, and adventurous families looking for an adventurous holiday. There is a range of outdoor activities within Harding, such as horse-riding trails, wild swinging at the Oribi Gorge, games of golf at the Harding Golf Course, and much more.

Be prepared for some rainfall if visiting in the summer months, as Harding experiences most of its rainfall in the summer months, from March through till December. The summer months are a peak time for travellers, even though rainfall is common, the warm temperatures never cease to disappoint. The climate is relatively warm and humid all year round, making outdoor activities a fun experience for the whole family.

There are scrumptious meals to be had Leopard’s Rock Coffee Shop, situated in Oribi Gorge. Have a unique outdoor dining experience where bird watching can be conducted whilst enjoying a delicious light lunch and a warm cup of coffee. There are also delicious meals to be had at the Harding Country Club, where there are meals to suit anybody’s tastes. The country club also has a large green golf course for the avid golfer to enjoy.

When the day is done, and it is time to retire for the day, enjoy the comfort of Green-Acres B&B, located within Harding, this cosy accommodation is comfortable and affordable and has beautiful garden views.

In Harding, there is always a feeling of being welcome when met by the locals, with many interesting sights and fun activities to occupy yourself with. Visit Harding for your next vacation, there will be no regrets.

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