Visit the KwaXolo Caves

The KZN South Coast is enriched with history, there are countless heritage sites all along the coastline and the KwaXolo Caves are a newly discovered cave system that is sure to keep visitors captivated by its cultural and historic roots. The KwaXolo Caves are located 25km inland from KwaNzimakwe along the KZN South Coast and are a must-see on a visitors next vacation.

The caves are estimated to be around 100 000 years old! They were open-rock shelters to the indigenous San communities and showcase a large display of San rock art paintings. The caves are located on top of a precipice that looks down on the gorge below and boasts magnificent views!

The caves have a unique viewing experience, visitors view the caves through a ferrata system, a climbing route that uses steel cables and rungs that are fixed to the rocks. Visitors are fastened into safety gear that allows them to be securely hooked to the cables, no worries, it’s all very safe! Visitors are also led by the most experienced tour guides that instruct on how to move along the safety lines and admire the caves in a truly adventurous tour! While strapped in and safe, visitors can also admire the views of a breath-taking waterfall and gorge! This experience can be described as extreme sports tourism, with natural and cultural elements thrown in, what a combination!

The cables system ends once visitors reach the opening of the KwaXolo Caves and can have their feet touch the level ground again! Once inside the caves, visitors are taken on a journey back in time as the San rock paintings tell the stories of a past civilisation. The paintings are said to represent the journeys of shamans (medicine men) and their communications with the spirit world. San rock paintings are some of the oldest art forms, not only in KZN, but most of South Africa, they are incredibly significant in understanding the San people and how they must have lived all those hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The area surrounding the caves is popular with the communities in the area, most of which contribute to the tourism industry in the vicinity, with their contributions to community workshops and initiatives that are all funded by a portion of the KwaXolo Caves’ earnings. When visitors make a trip to the caves, they are not only paying for a wonderful historic experience but also assisting the communities in the area which helps keep the historic area protected and valued.

The KwaXolo Caves are of extraordinary significance, as the discovery of the caves is only over a year old and has added so much to the historic stories of the San communities in South Africa. The caves are an adventurous activity that is perfect for a day out with family and friends! Travellers from the age of 8 years old and above are eligible for the hiking adventure. Experience history like never before, hike where the San might have hiked, and feel yourself go back in time!

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