Visit Glenmore Beach

Glenmore Beach is a lovely unspoilt beach situated at the lower end of the Hibiscus Coast along the South Coast. Glenmore Beach is known as the swimming and surfing bay and the natural beauty surrounding the beach is breath-taking! Glenmore Beach is a quaint and attractive destination for any travellers next beach holiday.

Glenmore Beach is surrounded by lush KZN vegetation, and the sea views are beautiful. This beach has large rocky outcrops, perfect for fishing, many fishermen enjoy coming to Glenmore Beach and spending the day in paradise. There are also many fishing competitions that take place at the beach, making it a popular getaway.

Travellers can visit any time of year, but there are ideal times to visit, between April and October, travellers may get to see a pod of Bottlenose dolphins and some Humpback Whales pass through!

The ocean waters are nice and warm at Glenmore Beach and the weather is usually warm, making it an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing and many fun beach activities! While visiting Glenmore Beach, be sure to keep an eye out for the local attraction, the Nightingale Shipwreck! This shipwreck has been kept in the oceans territory since 1933 when it arrived. Travellers can see the ship’s boiler and cylinder when low tide approaches, making it a sight to remember!

Enjoy long leisurely walks along Glenmore Beach’s soft sands and witness the beauty of the beach and its surroundings. Travellers may spot some birdlife while walking and should not hesitate to take some photographs. There are many little rock pools along the beach, discover some fascinating sea creatures in the clear waters and find some seashells hidden in the sand to bring home. Glenmore Beach is a little slice of heaven, and travellers will enjoy every minute of this location.

When travellers start to get hungry, there are nearby restaurants in Glenmore Beach that cater to many different food options, from seafood to hamburgers, there are delicious meals waiting for hungry travellers! Most of these restaurants have great specials on combo meals and are extremely affordable. End the day off with a full stomach and great memories.

There are also cosy accommodation options near Glenmore Beach for those travellers who want to keep the sea views and have a short walking distance to the beach. There are many self-catering accommodation options for small, medium, and large groups, all with their own unique charm! Most of these options also boast short walking distances to the beach, making them popular choices during peak times, be sure to book in advance!

Add Glenmore Beach to your list of places to see on your next holiday! Witness the one-of-a-kind beauty that the Hibiscus Coast has to offer and experience the most relaxing holiday yet! Glenmore Beach looks forward to meeting you!

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