Unique Uvongo

Uvongo is a beautiful seaside town situated along the KZN South Coast. Uvongo has a charming quality to it, it’s full of wonderful sites and fun activities, this coastal town is unique in every way.

One of the main attractions in Uvongo is Uvongo Beach, this beach is unlike anything travellers have ever seen before! Uvongo Beach is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches along the South Coast. The beach is unique as it has an alcove formation with the beach surrounded on either side by rock formations and lush KZN vegetation, with a waterfall as a backdrop and another magnificent rock formation hanging over the lagoon area, its breath-taking!

Uvongo Beach is a swimming beach with lifeguards on duty and shark nets in the water, travellers can feel safe and enjoy themselves. The waters are nice and warm, and travellers can enjoy some surfing, snorkelling and even stand-up paddling! There are tidal pools and rock pools, perfect for discovering some smaller fish and other marine life hiding under the rocks.

Once travellers have had enough swimming and tanning, they can visit the Uvongo Flea Market! Every Saturday morning, stalls are set up and are ready to welcome the public with all sorts of fantastic things, from delicious food and quality cheeses, handmade trinkets, clothing, toys and so much more! Tea drinkers may like the idea that there is an open-air tearoom where travellers can relax and sip on a warm cup of tea, whilst enjoying a scrumptious slice of cake! The Flea Market is a great outing for travellers to experience Uvongo and get to know the locals.

Uvongo has a stunning exotic nursery, the Stephward Estate Exotic Nursery, for all those travellers who love flowers and bringing something home from a different location, this nursery is for you! The nursery offers a lovely variety of Orchids, Bromeliads and Heliconias, there are large collections to choose from too! There is a restaurant on site where travellers can enjoy a bite to eat before exploring the nursery aisles and finding the flower or flowers that catch their eye. There is a fishpond and bird aviary, where travellers can marvel at some of the indigenous bird species of the South Coast.

Travellers who would like to take part in some adventurous mountain or road biking on their vacation should pay a visit to Dura Cycles, a bicycle shop that offers all the necessary equipment for maintaining bicycles while also offering group rides. Travellers can take part in these group riding activities. Dura Cycles offers road bike rides as well as off-road bike rides, even more choice! Make some new cycling friends and add an extra bit of adventure to your holiday in Uvongo!

Uvongo is surely a unique destination that is waiting to welcome all new travellers and give them a vacation they will never forget! Travellers will want to keep coming back after experiencing the charm that Uvongo displays so naturally.

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