Trafalgar blue flag beach

A coastal vacation would be incomplete without many a trip to the beach! Blue flag beaches indicate that the beach is safe to visit, and the waters are clean and safe to swim in. Trafalgar blue flag beach is a must-see!

The beach itself is stunning, with soft sea sand beneath your feet, and refreshing blue waters, there is nothing better! Many visitors flock to Trafalgar beach every year for a true beach holiday experience.

There are tidal pools to enjoy too! The beach has its own tidal pool, ideal for exploring some interesting sea life that hides in the rocks inside the pool. The children love tidal pools, adults too, some spending the entire day enjoying the sheltered waters.

The area around the tidal pool is perfect for picnics. Many families enjoy a delicious picnic while marvelling at the stunning sea views and flying kites with their children, sounds like bliss! There are interesting sights to see whilst visiting Trafalgar beach, one being the Trafalgar Marine Protected Area near the beach itself.

The protected area has wonderful marine life just waiting to be observed. There are rock fossils to be seen, pools filled with wondrous sea creatures, and even some periwinkles! Recreational fishing is allowed, however invertebrate species such as lobsters and mussels are protected.

Horse riding on the beach? Yes please! Visitors can experience a once in a lifetime experience with horse rides on the beach itself, perfect for a family activity or even a perfect date. With Selsdon Park’s horse riding, you can really get in touch with nature. The Selsdon Park never fails to disappoint with unique riding experiences for everyone, you do not even need to know how to ride a horse! The park meet all of your riding needs and provide you with the best horse for your experience level.

Near Trafalgar itself, sits the Mpenjati Nature Reserve, perfect for an outdoor activity! The reserve has a variety of plant and bird species, and is home to beautiful wetlands, dune forests and some grasslands! The duiker is a popular animal sight in the reserve, with its red, blue, and grey varieties, the red duiker is an endangered species and if seen, is a wonderful sight and experience!

Visitors can enjoy hiking, nature walks or even have a traditional South African braai at the picnic and barbecue facilities. There are activities to keep you busy all day long!

Trafalgar is a popular holiday destination, but even better during the quiet times of the year. Have a fun-packed holiday with the sunny beach, marine conservation sights and a lovely nature reserve to end the holiday off, visitors are guaranteed to have no regrets on this trip!

Time to get packing and dust off the old fishing rods, it is holiday time!

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