Tidal pools along the KZN South Coast

A beach day would be incomplete without a swim or snorkel experience in a tidal pool! Luckily for visitors, there are plenty of beaches along the South Coast that offer refreshing tidal pool experiences!

Tidal pools are fantastic for those not wishing to battle the ocean’s waves and perfect for those looking to relax whilst still having an ocean and beach experience. Children and adults alike love tidal pools, especially the little ones as it is shallow and easy to navigate, many fishes and shells to be seen too!

A beach with a natural tidal pool, is Palm Beach in Port Edward, with beautiful crashing waves to look at whilst admiring the calm of the pool itself. The pool is a decent size, allowing for large groups of visitors at a time. The pool easily joins with the ocean, for those who would like to venture out to the swimming beach.

Southbroom Beach has a variety of tidal pools in the area, Granny’s Pools are the most popular, known as Granny’s Pools because of how safe the pools are for children, there are rocks surrounding the pools that children love to climb and explore! The beach also has the main tidal pool that is more popular with the adults who are looking for a spot to snorkel or fish from.

Margate Beach’s Walpole Bay Tidal Pool is one of the largest along the South Coast! The pool is spacious allowing for many swimmers and there is plenty of space for snorkelling in this pool, the width of the pool allows for swimming at spacious distances! The pool is safe and enclosed with barriers, perfect for families with small children.

Port Shepstone Beach also has a large tidal pool with easy access in and out of the water. The pool is divided into three sections, the large pool and then its smaller two pools, we love variety, the smaller pools are ideal for little ones too! There are deeper areas in the larger section of the pool, perfect for those who want to keep fit and swim some laps! The pool is famous for snorkelling and fisherman like to use the pool as a point to cast from.

Scottburgh Beach has one of the most unique tidal pools along the South Coast as it has a painted and plastered interior! Even though the pool looks different, the water in the pool is still saltwater and many of the activities are the same as with other tidal pools. Scottburgh’s tidal pool is a nice size and a great choice for those who are more comfortable in shallow waters.

The South Coast is filled with attractions to make your holiday fun-filled, and the tidal pools add to the beach experience! Choose one or more of these locations to explore on your next trip and make the most of relaxing in these pools!

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