The South Coast’s less frequented destinations that are worth exploring

Who could know the South Coast better than the locals? The locals know of all the great spots that do not always get lots of visits from travellers and are happy to help you find the best destinations for your South Coast holiday!

One of the South Coast’s hidden gems is Elysium Beach, situated near Pennington, this beach is secluded and perfect for travellers who are seeking quiet beaches that are not overrun by other travellers. The water is great for surfing, swimming, and snorkelling and the beach serves as a lovely escape from the hustle and bustle. Many families bring their children to the beach for some fun in the sun! The sand is perfect for sandcastles and travellers should feel free to bring their pets with them, there is plenty of space for running around!

Nestled away in the lush inland of the South Coast, sits the Mthwalume settlement in the Ugu district. The settlement is home to Ntelezi Msani Heritage Centre, the centre showcases and provides a wonderful experience of Zulu culture through the craft of Zulu beadwork! Uncover the health and wellness secrets from the Zulu tradition in seminars hosted within the centre. Experience the ancient stone-throwing ritual and understand how the cairn of pebbles symbolises and marks places of ancient spiritual importance, it is a cultural experience of a lifetime! What’s more is when travellers visit the Ntelezi Msani Heritage Centre, they are giving back to the communities in the area and help in sustaining cultural knowledge that can be taught for many years to come!

The Umtamvuna Nature Reserve in Port Edward is another hidden gem of the South Coast. The reserve has spectacular views of the Umtamvuna River Gorge and boasts a diverse amount of rare endemic trees and plant species, with colourful flowers that catch the eye even more after a nice rain. The reserve has some of the best nature walks that can be found along the South Coast, with many marked trails waiting to be explored! Large colonies of the endangered Cape Vulture can also be seen in their nests throughout the reserve.

Another less frequented reserve is the Uvongo River Nature Reserve, with its very own 23-metre-high majestic waterfall! There are hiking trails and regular walking trails available, and travellers can climb up some steps that lead to a breath-taking view of the falls! Who does not love a waterfall? There are also many birds to be seen within the reserve, for the avid birdwatchers! There are quaint picnic spots to rest weary legs and braai spots for scrumptious lunches in nature, the reserve has everything one could want.

There is fun in searching for new, hidden places, and the South Coast has many! Take a day drive and explore all kinds of different towns and discover new places that are tucked away in the lush KZN South Coast vegetation. When you are done exploring, you will have so many more places to visit on your next trip to the South Coast!

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