The Sardine Run

The annual Sardine Run is a phenomenal sight to see along the South African coast, starting along the Eastern Cape coastline, the shoals of sardines make their way to the KZN South Coast.

The South Coast has some of the best sightings and activities! Between June and July each year, a frenzy of marine life come together and feast on the thousands of sardines that spawn! It is an unforgettable sight. The Sardine Run is the largest bio-mass migration on the planet!

If you happen to visit the South Coast during these months, you can expect to see many dolphins swimming in the area, female dolphins love this time as they can replenish their fat stores after their pregnancies and their calves have the chance to hunt for the first time! Sharks and whales are a common sighting too. Find a whale viewing deck and gaze at the species you might see, bring your cameras to capture the memories!

Fishing is a popular activity during this time, many anglers flock to the South Coast to participate in adventurous game-fishing! The comradery of fishermen and women is something one must experience, each with their own Sardine Run stories! It is an event that everyone can enjoy. There is commercial fishing in the area as well to ensure that the sardines can be used for human consumption, the Sardine Run is an important event, not just for marine life, but for us humans too!

The Sardine Run allows for the South Coast’s tourism to flourish. Many visitors from all around the world come to marvel at the spectacular event. Film crews from all around the globe showcase documentaries about the run, bringing in even more tourists! The Sardine Run is a vital element of the South Coast’s charm, it adds so much more to the experience when visiting this time of year!

Diving activities are in high demand during the run and every day can be different! If visitors are in the area during this time, deep-sea dives are highly recommended, that way you can get up close to the wild gathering of all types of marine life and witness something incredible, the memories will last for a lifetime! There are Sardine Run tours all along the South Coast with experience in knowing all the best locations and times to dive and witness this spectacle. Shark cage diving is popular around this time too as many different shark species are passing along the coast eager to feed on the shoals!

The Sardine Run is an event that everybody should experience at least once in their lives! Make sure to visit the South Coast this year during those peak times and have your mind ready to be blown away by the awe that nature brings!

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