The KwaNzimakwe experience

KwaNzimakwe is a beautiful rural village situated along the South Coast. It is accessible via the R69 road near Mpenjati Nature Reserve and Ezinqoleni. This rural village is a must-see, with arts and crafts, rich cultural history and more!

Once travellers reach KwaNzimakwe, they are taken on a guided tour, starting at the Wow Zulu Marketplace, where travellers will be welcomed by the local hosts, Neli Nzimakwe and Zonke Madwe. The tour is four hours long and is an easy walk. Travellers can enjoy some coffee or cold drink along with a tasty local snack, this is a surprise, the snack will be revealed when travellers arrive! The locals will then share some stories of their village and may entertain some questions afterwards. Travellers are encouraged to admire the hand-made traditional crafts and even learn a new arts and craft skill! Travellers can also learn how to wrap a colourful headscarf and witness their inner African diva!

Once travellers have settled in a little more, the guided tour will begin and will start with a village walkthrough, that leads across the mountain. The views are stunning and the first stop along the tour is the homestead of the local community elders, Mr, and Mrs Dlezi. Travellers will hear some more interesting stories of how the community came to settle on the mountain and the important role of cattle in their traditional culture. The customs of the village church, Shembe Church are spoken about too and the history is filled with fascinating events!

The next stop on the tour is the home of Mrs Ndovela, the local traditional healer or Sangoma. Travellers will hear the story of how she came to be a healer and the difficulties that lay ahead of her in the process. From there, travellers will follow a path that leads to and past the Shembe Church, all the way across the rolling hills, with magnificent valley views below! Here, the ocean can be seen and is a breath-taking view, the sugar cane fields below are also a marvellous sight to see, travellers are encouraged to bring their cameras to capture all the unique moments. These sights are what KZN is made of and seeing both the beach and the natural cultural landscape is seeing the province the way it is meant to be seen.

Travellers will then begin making their way back to the Wow Zulu Marketplace, and enjoy a traditional Zulu meal of chicken, steamed bread, spicy beans, or spinach, delicious! Food is a large part of the Zulu culture and being able to experience a traditional meal is an experience that will forever be imprinted on travellers minds.

KwaNzimakwe is a hidden gem and is the perfect destination for adventure seekers and those wanting to learn more about the rich KZN Zulu history, there is so much to be seen and learnt! The village locals are friendly and cannot wait to answer any questions travellers may have.

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