The Ingeli Forest

The KZN South Coast is filled with beautiful destinations and the Ingeli Forest is one of them! Situated near Harding, lies a wonderful nature getaway, perfect for woodland lovers and adventure seekers.

The Ingeli Forest is famous for the ANEW Resort, a stunning 3-star hotel nestled in the thick of the lush forest. The resort offers many activities to let guests experience the forest in whichever way they choose. The resort is the perfect place to relax and get away from the noise of suburbia! With trees surrounding the resort, guests are guaranteed to feel like they have stepped into a different world.

The resort offers a lovely spa too, Seruga Spa! Pamper yourself and enjoy beautiful surrounding views, when your spa day concludes, how about a refreshing dip in the resort swimming pool, sounds like bliss.

There is also an adventure golf course! Playing some adventure golf in the forest with friends and family is exactly what you need on your next holiday.

There are horse rides available through the resort too. Spend the day wandering through the forest on horseback, can it get any more magical? Your very own fairy-tale vacation!

The resort surroundings offer days filled with fun and adventure! There are mountain bike trails leading into the forest, perfect for some avid cyclists and a great way to start the day, mountain biking in the forest!

Another lovely nature trail is the Ingeli Trail, guaranteed to send you on a nice trek through the indigenous vegetation! The trail leads to waterfalls and streams, waterfalls are always a lovely sight to stumble across when breaking a sweat hiking, walking, or biking, enjoy the refreshing splash of water on your faces! There are a variety of smaller trails that lead off from the main trail, all with their own distances, perfect for any type of traveller!

There are various plant species within the forest to be discovered and a magical tree mix of Yellowwood, Natal Krantz Ash, Red Stinkwood, Sneezewood and Forest Elder.

Within the Ingeli Forest are hundreds of species of birds, calling all avid birdwatchers! Bring your binoculars and bird guides, you will be spotting many kinds and will want to write them down or even better take some photographs. Travellers can expect to see Cape Parrots, Orange Thrushes, Forest Buzzards, Grey Waxbill, Bush Blackcaps and more! There is so much to be explored!

Keep a lookout for baboons and monkeys too, they love perching on the treetops and observing down below. There is such diversity amongst the Ingeli Forest Wildlife, take note of all the different species you can discover! Make a fun game if you are in a group of friends or family and see who can discover some monkeys first!

The Ingeli Forest is a lovely addition for guests to add to their vacation, there are fun, adventurous, and relaxing activities, all designed to keep visitors satisfied and create new memories. The forest awaits!

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