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South Africa is a country brimming with culture and tradition, and the KZN South Coast is no exception. Known as the paradise of the Zulu Kingdom, there are plenty of opportunities for an authentic cultural experience.

The KZN South Coast has historically been a location that has seen both native and colonial moments. On the Port Edward beach, you can find the Sao Joao Portuguese Monument, which is a commemoration of those who died during the shipwreck of the Sao Joao in 1552. The trading ship sank off the coast of modern-day Port Edward, and it is thought that 100 people lost their lives. The lost cargo is still known to wash up on the shores today. While the event is remembered as a tragedy, it is also known to be the first encounter between Europeans and Southern Africans in recorded history!

The KwaXolo Caves, located near KwaNzimakwe, is a newly discovered range of caves that are home to San paintings dating back over 100 000 years. A guide will take visitors on a short 5-minute hike to the caves, and a walkway is being constructed to improve access to the caves. The discovery has become a wonderful reminder of the heritage and culture of the region and is definitely a worthwhile stop to check out! KwaNzimakwe itself is a rural village in the area that offers a wonderful exploration of culture and religion in the region. Check out the WowZulu Welcome center, plan a walk through the wilderness, find a sangoma (traditional healer), a traditional cattle kraal, or explore the history of the Shembe church. Learn to weave, drum, and do the traditional Zulu dances!

If you’re looking for something outside, then look no further than the agricultural tours offered along the KZN South Coast. The area has a long agricultural history and heritage, from banana farms to macadamia nuts, tea tree oil, and sugar cane. Timber and coffee are both grown here for international and national purposes as well. For those who love their java, the Beaver Creek coffee estate hosts a crop to cup coffee tour. Sample the local brew and experience the history of coffee on the coast.

While some may see it simply as a picturesque coastal holiday destination, The KZN South Coast is home to an abundance of cultural outings that will open your eyes to the tapestry of history and tradition that has been part of life here for centuries.

Take the time to explore the coast’s history and culture and experience the traditional life of those who have been here for generations.

We’ll see you soon!

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