Southbroom’s Marine Marvels

Southbroom is a stunning coastal town on the KZN South Coast with a wonderful variety of marine life! If you are a visitor who enjoys snorkelling, surfing, fishing and much more, then Southbroom is the perfect destination for you!

The Wooden Reel Guided Fishing Trips will provide you with a true fishing experience! Not only will you catch some fish, but you will also learn the art of saltwater fishing, bait fishing, drop-shot, and fly-fishing! The Wooden Reel also provides beginner fishing experiences that even the kids can enjoy. Visitors will learn all about the various fishing techniques and get to experience some of the best fishing spots on the South Coast!

Do you want to get up close and personal with some sea life? Say no more, take a trip to Umkobi Beach, one of the jewels of Southbroom. Umkobi Beach is the perfect destination to snorkel, the waters are clean and clear, making marine life even more visible! Make sure to snorkel on sunny days though, where the light can shine through the water.

Snorkelling is a great way to experience underwater sea life right before your eyes, even better if you have an underwater camera to capture all the colourful species!

If you did not get enough fishing with Wooden Reel, Umkobi Beach offers you a chance to cast your lines into the crashing waves and have another fun fishing experience. Fishing is one of the most popular marine activities along the South Coast and for good reason, it is a relaxing and exciting experience all in one!

Whether you are at Umkobi Beach or Southbroom beach itself, have an exciting surfing experience! Bring your surfboards and catch some waves, this is truly one of the best ways to experience the ocean. Many surfers enjoy how close to nature they become when they are on the board, try it out. Southbroom is known for its surfing and has its very own surfing school, if you are up for it, why not get one or two surfing lessons at the Southbroom Surf School. The thrill of wave riding is addictive and an unforgettable experience.

When swimming, snorkelling, fishing, and surfing is over, experience whale watching. Southbroom has become one of the best destinations to witness the migratory patterns of these amazing marine mammals. The most popular viewpoints in Southbroom are Main Beach, The Outlook, Granny’s Pool and the Southbroom Golf Club veranda. The peak whale-watching times are between May and November during the Humpback whale migration. What an experience!

This year has seen early Humpback Whale sightings in April! So bring cameras along to capture the moments where you get to witness whales breaching and cherish them for a lifetime.

With an active Conservancy, Southbroom’s beaches are breathtakingly beautiful and well cared for by the local volunteers that are passionate about protecting this slice of paradise.

Whether it is fishing, surfing, snorkelling, whale watching, Southbroom has all the marine activities you can think of!

Come to Southbroom this holiday, witness marine life like never before and immerse yourself in the most adventurous sea activities!

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