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Scottburgh is the quintessential seaside getaway town situated not 60km South of Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Famed for its diverse holiday activities and “the great migration” of inland South Africans that descend on the picturesque Scottburgh beach during the holiday season.

Scottburgh beach has everything you need for a sub-tropical seaside getaway. From Hotels to restaurants and bars, nightclubs and tidal pools, all are available in this seaside town. Accommodation takes the form of hotels and B&B’s scattered up and down the coast, and even slightly inland for those looking for a riverside getaway.

Scottburgh, renowned for its world-class dive sites and marine ecology, has an abundance of dive centres due to its proximity to the world-famous dive site: Aliwal Shoal. There is a multitude of dive charters and centres for you to choose from, most providing an all-inclusive experience of the Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks.

Sea-safari’s are most popular along this stretch of the KZN South Coast, where charters take would-be sea explorers out to view the amazing and diverse ecology from above the waterline. You will get to see sharks, whales, dolphins and even some turtles if you are lucky!

If deep-diving isn’t your thing, why not try out shark cage diving? Scottburgh beach is the perfect place to experience these apex predators in their natural environment, from the safety of a cage. And the best part is, no previous experience is needed! What a way to get your adrenaline fix this holiday season.

Another worldwide phenomenon that attracts masses to Scottburgh each year is the Sardine Run. From May to July Sardines migrate North in the millions, bringing a plethora of marine ecology with them. These marine animals include a variety of shark species, game fish, marine bird species and dolphins. This spectacular occurrence is definitely a bucket-list item.

As a popular surfing destination, Scottburgh beach has numerous surf schools to choose from, catering for all skill levels from novice to advanced courses. If you want to Hang10 on some of the best waves the KZN South Coast has to offer, then Scottburgh beach is the place to be.

Marine conservation is taken very seriously in Scottburgh. This is in no sort of measure thanks to the number of resident Marine conservationists that are scattered up and down Scottburgh’s coastline. These Marine Conservation centres play an integral role in maintaining a sustainable means of marine eco-tourism in these important ecological waters.

Scottburgh has something for everyone. Make it your go-to this Easter holidays and make some priceless memories with friends and family.


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