River relaxation along the South Coast

The South Coast is mainly known for its stunning beaches, but there are other beautiful locations waiting for travellers! There are relaxing and flowing rivers all along the South Coast, each with its own charm. The South Coast is filled with different rivers, all with their own river mouth that leads into the sea. If travellers are looking for some prime river spots, then the South Coast is the best choice.

There is a river that winds all the way through the town of Scottburgh, the Mpambanyoni River, the river name means ‘a gathering of birds’. The name suggests what travellers may see an abundance of when visiting, birds! There is an array of different bird species nestled in the different trees along the riverside. On the south bank of the river, travellers will find the TC Robertson Nature Reserve, wildlife such as blue and grey duiker can be spotted, monkeys and even some lovely butterflies! A visit to and near this river is guaranteed to make travellers feel calm and relaxed.

For travellers who want to have some experiences on the river, Port Edward has a fun adventure company located near the Wild Coast Sun Resort, called The Riverside, they offer fun and relaxing boat trips. The trips offer a variety of boat tours, from speed boats, tube rides, kayaking, all the way up to a lazy river paddleboat experience! This last one is more suited for the travellers who have come looking for a relaxing adventure. The boat trips allow travellers to see many types of different birdlife and wildlife that may be spotted along the riverbanks, it is a great experience for any type of traveller!

There are many nature reserves along the South Coast, most of which offer a chance to stroll by a river and take in the natural surrounds. There is no comparison to be made with these nature reserves, they all offer a unique experience, and travellers should explore itineraries and decide which reserve is best suited for their relaxation needs. Travellers must remember to bring the cameras and capture some long-lasting memories!

When it is time to retire for the evening and get some rest, there is a quaint river lodge that is the definition of relaxing. The Umtamvuna River Lodge is situated along the banks of the Umtamvuna River and has been described as utter paradise! There are a variety of accommodation options to fit all budgets and the rooms are luxurious with magnificent views! There are some fun activities to be explored, such as river cruises, wakeboarding and much more! The views of the river from the lodge are breath-taking and set the ideal scene for a romantic getaway or a relaxing family holiday experience.

Do not forget to explore the rivers along the South Coast, there are many hidden gems just waiting to be found! Travellers should remember to check available options beforehand to ensure their spot in a relaxing adventure.

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