Nyandezulu Cultural Experience

Nyandezulu is a lovely rural village situated 9km inland from Shelly Beach. Take a trip into the hills and witness a cultural experience like never before! Discover the lifestyles of the Nyandezulu community and their semi-rural settlements that are sprawled across green hills and valleys above the sea.

Visitors can start their visit and journey at the Mfihlo Guest House with its jaw-dropping sea views from the very top of the hill! Near the guesthouse is a large wild fig tree where visitors are welcomed by community members before moving on with their tour. From Mfihlo, visitors can choose to drive themselves or be driven to the Ntantana Mountain and magnificent Nyandezulu Falls!

Hike up the Ntantana Mountain and enjoy the 360-degree view from the top, or hike down toward the slope above the waterfall and take in the stunning South Coast views and breathe in the fresh damp air radiating from above the waterfall! The vegetation is lush and the sea views from the top are like nothing visitors have ever seen before.

Once visitors are done admiring the views, the tour continues along a scenic route that forms around the curves of the hills, toward the open-air Shembe Church. The church is demarcated by white stones to highlight the significance of the holy Mdlungwana Mountain. Once there, visitors hear the story of the 6-million strong, traditional KZN church which was founded by the Prophet Isaiah Shembe in the early 20th century. The church is of great significance to the Nyandezulu communities and showcases a fascinating historic religious experience.

Visitors can take a walk to the top of the Mdlungwana Mountain and observe coins and candles that show where people have worshipped. While there, the story of the seven-headed snake is told, and visitors are informed that according to legend it lives in the waters beneath the mountain and can cause storms and floods when disturbed. All such interesting tales allow visitors to think about all the history of the area and appreciate the cultural landscape.

Once visitors are ready, they can either walk or be driven around the slope of the mountain and head to the stunning ‘KwaSaka Beach’ situated on the banks of the Bhuqu River. Once there, visitors are welcome to enjoy a picnic lunch and discuss some of their favourite sites of the day. A visit to a sangoma or traditional leader is also available for those who wish to see the vital role that these healers play in the rural traditional community.

A trip to Nyandezulu is a rich cultural experience that is unique in every way! Visitors that have come and seen what the area has to offer have always been left in awe and inspired by the lives the communities lead. To truly see the South Coast, means to understand its history too, and there is no better way to do that than visiting Nyandezulu. Be sure to include Nyandezulu in your itinerary for your next coastal getaway! Culture and historic experiences await!

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