Marine Marvels

Marina beach is located just south of Margate, between San Lameer and Southbroom. This gorgeous stretch of golden sand boasts a Blue Flag status, and for good reason.

Often referred to as “The Honolulu of the South Coast”, Marina is a paradise beach getaway on our doorstep. Subtropical climates and a tidal pool allow for year-round bathing, and the quiet, quaint town promotes rest and relaxation. Marina also happens to be one of the most untouched areas on the South Coast!

After frolicking in the waves and sunbathing, take a trip to the Mpenjati Nature Reserve. This nature reserve occupies 60km of lush coastal land and is home to Red, Blue and Grey Duiker as well as a plethora of avian species such as giant kingfisher, osprey, water thick-knee, black-bellied starling, green twinspot, forest canary, orange-breasted bush shrike, and the black-backed puffback.

If hiking through lush forests is up your alley, pick between the north or south banks of the Mpenjati river, each boasting a unique hiking trail that will bring you close to nature. These 1.5km hiking trails are popular areas to spot the natural fauna and flora species. After your hike, take a dip in the designated bathing areas along the river.

Between the months of June and July, this area plays host to the annual Sardine Run. This phenomenon draws thousands of visitors to the still warm-in-winter South Coast and is one of the best fishing seasons of the year.

For the experienced diver, head out just before the shark nets to experience a gorgeous reef that is home to schools of game fish, sharks and marine fauna that are wondrous to behold.

In close proximity to Marina beach are no less than 9 critically acclaimed golf courses, lending to the name “The Golf Coast”. These golf courses are a must for any avid golfer.

With its year-round warm climate and a wide variety of activities, Marina Beach is a must-visit.

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