Marine adventures in Margate

Margate is known for its abundance of fun outdoor activities, this South Coast town has all the marine activities you can think of! Margate will ensure that your marine experience is one to remember and keep you coming back for more.

African Dive Adventures is a professional diving company located in Shelly Beach that allows visitors to experience shark diving along the Protea Banks in the area, how exciting! Divers can expect to witness stunning marine life along the colourful reefs. This diving experience is recommended for experienced divers only, but do not fret, all visitors will be able to enjoy the spectacle of the annual sardine run. The sardine run draws in visitors from all over the country and world, it is a must-see!

Margate Beach is the best location for a full day’s outing. This beautiful stretch of beach allows for great surfing, swimming and snorkelling experiences in the warm waters. The swimming conditions are often described as being relaxing and refreshing by recurring visitors. The beach has a tidal pool, perfect for the little ones to try their hand at snorkelling, in a shallow, sheltered area. There is a whale deck situated on the beach too. Enjoy perfect sea views with humpback whales usual migration time between June and December. This year however, we have already seen sightings as early as April.

C-Freaks Tours & Sightseeing are professionals in deep-sea fishing charters and exciting boat rides. C-Freaks offer an experience for every traveller, even if you cannot go below the waters to see the sharks, whales, or dolphins, you can view them perfectly from the boat. See the ocean from a different perspective on these adventures and attempt to catch your biggest fish yet. C-Freaks is famous for its fishing charters and can provide fishing equipment if you do not have any.

For another unforgettable diving experience, pay a visit to Dive in Adventures for a shark-filled diving adventure. At Dive in Adventures, there are a variety of packages visitors can choose from scuba diving or cage diving options as well as the types of shark species they would like to see, from Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks and Ragged-tooth Sharks, visitors are spoilt for choice. This activity is perfect for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers who want to get up close and personal with some of the greatest apex predators in the ocean!

Margate has all the options needed to have a fun-filled day packed with ocean adventures. There is something for everybody, from fishing, days at the beach, diving, charters, and so much more, Margate will be waiting for you. Bring your passion and curiosity with you and enjoy the experience!

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