Lovely Bazley and Bazley Beach

Bazley Beach is situated in the town of Bazley, along the KZN South Coast, and is a quaint, quiet town, suitable for a relaxing getaway. Bazley Beach and the surrounding beaches are the main attractions when visiting, perfect for families and those just looking for some quality time spent with their loved ones, by the sea!

Bazley Beach merges with the Fafa River, in turn creating a sizable lagoon, perfect for swimming, canoeing, and rafting. These activities are enjoyed by adults and children alike! Lagoons are a great choice for those who wish to experience calm waters and not worry too much about waves.

Bazley Beach has many spots along the shore for picnics and beach games or sports. Play some volleyball or build the biggest sandcastle! There is plenty of space to set up a beach umbrella and a blanket and just relax! This is what a holiday is all about, and Bazley Beach brings a peacefulness to it that is admired by those who visit.

Bazley Beach is known for great fishing spots, many avid anglers have recommended the beach and surrounds as prime fishing spots, where daily catches can be made. Venture out to sea on a boat for some exciting deep-sea fishing or stay put near some rocky outcrops and enjoy the peaceful surroundings while waiting for the best catch. Bazley Beach is known for its high rocky outcrops, fishermen can get a good height from the top and cast out into the ocean below.

Divers enjoy Bazley’s coastline, many come and explore the surrounding reefs in the area and identify all the different marine species that can be found. Snorkelling is another enjoyable activity that visitors can try at Bazley Beach, spend the day marvelling at all the interesting sea life just below the waters and be utterly amazed! The rock pools are a good place to start with snorkelling, especially the little ones, the pools are filled with colourful sea life!

The surrounding Bazley beaches are just as lovely as Bazley Beach itself, there are many options for visitors to choose which beach to visit and what new experiences they may have at each one!

The surrounding vegetation on Bazley Beach is filled with different birdlife, visitors should bring their binoculars and take some time to try and discover as many species as they can! Visitors should also bring their cameras to capture the different birds seen, keep the memories long-lasting and make a note of which species you see again!

There are comfortable accommodation options in Bazley and near Bazley Beach, from hotels to self-catering homes, there is something for everyone and their needs. Most accommodation options have beautiful sea views and are surrounded by the famous lush KZN vegetation! Most of the options are not too far away from the beach, many are within walking distance and are extremely affordable!

If visitors are looking for a secluded and relaxing beach holiday, then choose Bazley and Bazley Beach, the locals are friendly and this quaint town has a charm like no other, sure to captivate many travellers hearts!

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