KwaXolo Caves Adventures

While the KZN South Coast is famed for its beaches and coastal activities, it is also teaming with local history. KwaXolo, an area near Margate on the KZN South Coast, has a unique history and an unmissable attraction.

A newly discovered range of caves in the mountains has preserved San cave paintings that are over 100 000 years old. The caves were previously inaccessible to the public, however, through dedication and a commitment to cultural history, visitors can finally see this stunning piece of African history.

These partially opened rock shelves served as shelters for San tribes that lived out in the area all that time ago. It is believed that the sites held specific significance to the San people, which is expressed through the art found there. The paintings tell the rich story of culture and heritage, some of which have been carried through into the local cultures of the people living in and around the area today. The paintings also provide a glimpse into the day-to-day lives of the San people.

To access the caves, a via Ferrata system (consisting of steel cables that are securely fixed into the rock) leads you up into the caves themselves. The adventure begins with visitors being strapped into safety gear and being led on a 5-minute hike to the caves by trained and registered guides. This system allows guests to walk through the mountains with ease and a feeling of security.

The experience includes breath-taking views of the surrounding area. The waterfall and gorge provide a simply stunning backdrop to this important find. There are also important benefits of the attraction to the local communities of KwaXolo and Dumezulu, providing the opportunity of employment, as well as helping to provide skills and entrepreneurial skills workshops to the people in these communities.

This wonderfully educational activity is open to all aged over 8, making it a fun and safe experience for the kids as well! The experience takes between an hour to an hour and a half per tour. The tour site is accessible through Great Drives Out, and on a mainly tarred road, which also offers further access into the scenic area around the cave site.

If you’re looking for something slightly adrenaline-fuelled, educational, socially and locally important, and spectacular, all in one activity, then look no further! Check out this phenomenal slice of history and visit the KwaXolo Cave Adventures.

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