Keep the kids entertained with the Wild Coast Sun

Going on holiday can be a great experience for families, make your child’s next holiday one to remember, for them and for you! The Wild Coast Sun is situated near Port Edward along the KZN South Coast. This resort attracts many families from all around the country and for many good reasons, it is the very definition of fun!

Keeping the kids entertained is an important task on a family vacation, while the kids are having an enjoyable experience, the parents can too, either with them or relaxing by the poolside observing the little ones having fun with all the water activities that the Wild Coast Sun offers, as well as many other family bonding activities, which is many!

The Wild Waves Water Park is the main attraction for kids and their parents, the park has a wide variety of water slides, aquatic rides, water tubes and pools! The Park is home to some of the best water rides in the world, and that is a statement that the park lives up to! There is a designated children’s area for parents who would like to keep a close eye on their little ones. The Wild Waves Water Park has rides for all ages and rides range from relaxing all the way to adrenaline-pumping!

There is also an arcade located in the Wild Coast Sun resort, within the Aloha Village, is the Magic Company Arcade, perfect for kids and adults alike! There are entertaining arcade games and a ten-pin bowling alley! Bowling is great for any age and kids especially love competing with one another to see who can knock down the most pins! Bowling will keep families busy for a while and parents can have just as much fun as their children.

Take a short trip to Mac Bananas, situated near the Wild Coast Sun, Mac Bananas is an entertainment and shopping facility, with four different restaurants on-site, including their famous pancake house! The kids will love ordering some yummy pancakes, once done eating, pay a visit to the petting zoo located in the Mac Bananas farmyard. Kids can feed and pet some of the animals and go on pony rides!

Once the pony rides are done, experience horse riding on the beach right below the resort! Enjoy a unique experience, the kids will never forget this moment, their first time on a horse is something to be treasured and who knows, may even spark some interest in continuing horse riding in the future! There are horses that are perfect for any rider, beginner or advanced, no need to worry. There will also be horse instructors walking along with the horses, to ensure the children feel safe and enjoying themselves.

The Wild Coast Sun has adventures to keep families entertained for weeks on end! Choose the Wild Coast Sun resort as your next family vacation destination and have the chance to experiment with all sorts of fun activities. Watch how children’s faces light up when seeing all the activities at their disposal, they will be coming back for more every year!

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