In the spotlight : Ramsgate


The KZN South Coast is filled with small towns offering unique experiences, Ramsgate is one of them. Ramsgate is a small, quaint seaside village located on the South Coast. Ramsgate is a popular holiday town, fishing is one of its main attractions, but there is so much more waiting to be explored in this town!


Ramsgate is situated at the mouth of the Bilanhlolo River, which translated from Zulu means ‘the marvelous boiler’. It is an interesting name, but when observed, the currents in Ramsgate’s waters are strong and is seen as giving the water a boiling effect! Talk about an interesting destination.


With over 386 species of birds, more than a third of South Africa’s bird species can be found in Ramsgate! This is an attraction for avid bird watchers, do not forget your bird books! Many birds mean many plants. Explore and experience a wonderfully diverse and colourful range of indigenous plant species. All this incredible fauna and flora stretches from the coast and reaches far inland.  Explore the different nature reserves and try identifying as many species as possible!


A day at the beach is what makes a vacation complete, experience Ramsgate’s blue flag beaches and lagoons with the whole family, or solo, either way, makes for a fun, relaxing experience. Get your snorkeling gear or surfboards and hit the waters! But always remember your sunscreen! Try your luck at fishing, find out from locals which times are best for the catch of the day.


Even though Ramsgate is known for its breath-taking sea views and lush vegetation, the activities and sights are endless. Let this town bring the Wild West to you! Pay a visit to Pistols Saloon and Wild West Museum for a trip back in time, to where cowboys ruled the lands! This is great fun for the whole family and will provide memories that will last a lifetime. Who needs the American Wild West when you have Ramsgate!


For the whale watchers, Ramsgate Whale Watching Deck is one of its most popular attractions. You must take a camera along with you during mating and migration seasons. Ensuring that you can eternally capture these rare and one-of-a-kind sights. If you are lucky, you may see dolphins from the deck too, every visit is a surprise!


Working up an appetite after an adventurous, busy day? Ramsgate has a wide variety of different cuisines to try. There is a restaurant for every craving! Take a trip to the Waffle House, where savoury and sweet options await you! A holiday is not a holiday without delicious food that leaves you coming back for more!


Ramsgate is small but is packed with entertaining activities for any traveller. If Ramsgate is the only South Coast town you visit this holiday, that would be enough. What are you waiting for? Pack your suitcases and enjoy Ramsgate the way it is meant to be enjoyed!


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