Fun water activities in Hibberdene

Keep yourself busy with all things water activities this holiday and visit Hibberdene. Hibberdene has stunning unspoiled reefs that are home to rare species, like the Hawkfish and a variety of rare coral sponges! The Hibberdene beach is great for fun water activities too!

The Hibberdene main beach is a popular attraction throughout the year, and there are many exciting activities just waiting to be experienced! If you are looking for an adventurous ocean experience, why not surf the waves? Surfing is an adrenaline-pumping activity that requires some skill, however, even if you are a beginner, you will find that learning to surf is probably one of the most enjoyable experiences the ocean can offer you!

Snorkelling is another memorable ocean experience, each time spent snorkelling will offer new sights from under the waters! Snorkelling in Hibberdene offers a variety of sea life that can clearly be seen in good water visibility, if you are snorkelling near some rocks or small reefs, expect to see a variety of fish species, from small to large, and snorkellers will catch a glimpse of various coral sponges, all different shapes, and colours!

Diving is always a great marine activity and offers a different perspective of sea life beneath the ocean waters. One of Hibberdene’s local dive shops offers an array of diving charters and caters to every divers’ skill level. The reefs along the Hibberdene coastline are filled with diversity and there is a popular 7m high wall beneath the waters covered in coral sponges and sea fans! It is something incredibly unique to the area. Diving in Hibberdene will guarantee visitors new sights that haven’t been witnessed before.

Hibberdene offers ski boat adventures too! Just when you thought it could not get better, there is the Hibberdene Ski Boat Club, offering ski boat rides out to sea and fishing charters as well as ocean safaris! A boat ride at sea makes a holiday complete, get to see the deep waters and the different marine life that thrives beneath.

Bodyboarding can add to your swimming fun, it is the next best choice for those who are a little hesitant to surfing. Bodyboarding will get you accustomed to wave riding on a smaller board and prepare you for a surfboard one day! There are a variety of beach shops along Hibberdene’s coast that offer surfboards and bodyboards alike.

Last but not least, one of the best and most simple ways to enjoy yourself in the ocean waters, is swimming in the sea! A swim in the sea is a relaxing and enjoyable experience that Hibberdene beach will ensure you have! Sometimes it is the simple things that add the perfect touches to an adventurous and fun holiday.

Visit Hibberdene for your next vacation and explore all things ocean! Dive, snorkel, fish, swim, Hibberdene has it all and is known for offering amazing diving and snorkelling experiences for all ages and all skill levels, nobody will feel left out this holiday!

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