Extreme activities in Oribi

The beautiful Oribi Gorge is situated along the KZN South Coast and is a location filled with adventures and stunning sights to be seen! The gorge itself is an impressive 400 metres deep and 5 kilometres wide at its widest! There are fun activities for any type of traveller within the gorge and its surroundings.

Wild 5 Adventures is the ideal place to visit for adrenaline seekers! Wild 5 Adventures offers travellers a chance to experience the highest gorge swing in the world! The swing will have travellers accelerating at a speed of 120km/hour! All of this takes place in under 3 seconds and travellers are left with an urge to swing again! Other adventures include abseiling, wild water rafting, a walk on a suspension bridge, a wild slide and paintball! This is the perfect spot for adventure seekers and is sure to keep travellers busy all day long. Wild 5 Adventures has been awarded the certificate of excellence by the trip advisor and knows how to give travellers memorable moments. Enjoy all these adrenaline-pumping activities while taking in the breath-taking sites that are Oribi Gorge.

Another great location to visit within Oribi is Oribi Outdoors, an outdoor activity centre specialising in white water rafting! Oribi Outdoors hosts all their river adventures on the mighty Umzimkulu River that flows through the Oribi Gorge. River rafting is a fun activity for all ages and travellers do not have to be experienced in river rafting either. There is a trip leader that accompanies travellers on the raft to ensure that the river rafting trip progresses smoothly, the leader will also focus on the more advanced directing of the raft on the river. Travellers can enjoy an exciting water activity and have the chance to see the gorge in all its beauty!

Experience a Zip Line tour! Oribi Gorge has some wonderful locations where Zip Lining has become popular, the Lake Eland Game Reserve is situated in the Oribi Gorge area and has constructed a 4.5km Zip Line Tour which travels across the stunning gorge! The tour includes 14 zip line slides all starting at the top of the Oribi Gorge. The longest zip line travels at an impressive 680m long and is situated 300m above the gorge. Travellers are left feeling exhilarated and are always seen to be marvelling at the breath-taking surrounds! Zip lining is a great way to see the Oribi Gorge from a different perspective and travellers may even spot a few birds on their way through some of the trees! The tour lasts between an hour and a half, so travellers are guaranteed a lasting experience of fun!

Oribi Gorge has an adventure for every traveller and never disappoints! Travellers can look forward to knowing that their day will be filled with adventurous activities and will want to be sure to book in advance, to secure their places. Oribi Gorge looks forward to getting your adrenaline pumping and will have travellers coming back for more! Add Oribi Gorge to your destination list and make some memories!

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