Explore Southbroom

Make your vacation is one to remember! Southbroom will feel like home, with activities and sights to keep you busy all holiday long. Southbroom caters to all tastes and needs, with an array of restaurants and accommodation options.

One of the most popular attractions in Southbroom is the Southbroom Golf Club. The club has been a cornerstone in the community and many locals love spending time there, they will certainly make any visitor feel welcome! The golf course is one of the best along the South Coast, with picturesque views of the ocean and indigenous coastal forest, perfect for a relaxing, yet challenging day of golf. The Southbroom golf course has been ranked number one in South Africa for being the most fun course! Many golfers say they end up using all the clubs in their bag around the course.

The course is known for its winds! On a windy day, expect a challenging round of golf, but the challenge is exciting and will make for a fantastic, memorable experience. The course caters for amateurs and professional players, each hole with different challenges.

Any art and craft lovers around? Southbroom has a vibrant art and craft store known as S’Kumba Crafts. This unique craft store offers handmade leather shoes which will last a lifetime. The store was founded in 1995 with the owner having had a decade of experience in leatherwork before founding the store. The shoes are all unique, visitors are guaranteed to purchase one-of-a-kind footwear. The store receives many visitors every year, and even more during the peak holiday seasons. What are you waiting for? Come grab yourself a good pair of shoes for the journey ahead!

The store has options for both men and women, with rustic and elegant options. Each shoe has leather molds that shape a person’s foot, hello comfortable! The store is situated in a majestic forest, with trees surrounding all the windows. There is also a lovely coffee bar at the end of the footpath near the entrance, as well as live music every now and then on the stage underneath the lush trees! This is not just a shoe store, it is an experience!

Would you like to see some reptiles on your trip? Make a visit to the Riverbend Crocodile Farm, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the South Coast. The farm offers a great viewing experience of the crocodiles and even little hatchlings! There are also different snake species to be observed. There is a lovely restaurant on site with a variety of foods to choose from. There is a kids play area to keep the little ones busy too.

A trip to a coastal town would be incomplete without the beach. Southbroom’s two beaches are the perfect place to catch a tan and even catch some fish. The beaches are safe, and the tidal pools are just waiting to be explored by adults and little ones alike. The sand dunes make for fun rolls downhill, many locals and visitors enjoy walking up the dunes and sliding down them, let your inner child come out to play!

Whatever you are looking for in your next vacation, Southbroom has got it all! Choose this small coastal town for a relaxing getaway or a fun, exciting holiday. Equipped with activities for the whole family, nobody will be disappointed. Get booking and get packing! Lifelong shoes, a unique golf experience and breathtakingly beautiful beaches await.

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