Explore Shelly Beach

Explore Shelly Beach

With fascinating and beautiful sights to see and activities to do, Shelly Beach has it all. Are you looking for adventure? Well, you have come to the right place, any traveller that visits Shelly Beach will make memories that will last for a lifetime. There are sights and activities fit for any traveller or travellers.

Pure Venom

This reptile park is a must-see for those who are looking to learn a little more about our reptile friends, whether you are an adult or a child, you will enjoy your experience at Pure Venom where there is something to see and learn for every age. The park is not limited to just reptiles, there are birds and other animals to be seen. Pure Venom is the biggest reptile farm in Africa, travellers are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime. The park has the perfect atmosphere for children, it is not just the reptiles that are the attraction, but also the small petting zoo, where kids can observe different animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and even chickens!


Calling all adventurous travellers! Charters have a memorable experience for you and the whole family, always wanted to go deep-sea boating, fishing, or diving? Look no further, Charters is known for its enjoyable boat tours in the deep sea. Charters is most famous for its deep-sea fishing trips, want to feel the rush of reeling in a fish whilst battling the tides of the sea? Then this is the experience for you, what is even better? You get to keep the fish you catch which only makes the experience more memorable. If you have always wanted to be a skipper for a day, visit Charters.


Moving on to tastier things, a trip would not be complete without delicious food! C-Bali is a wonderful restaurant to visit if you love your seafood, while the restaurant does provide other options, seafood is its bestseller, along with its speciality sushi. C-Bali has been awarded as having the best sushi on the South Coast, with its award-winning sushi chef. The restaurant is located right by the seaside, providing breath-taking views from the comfort of your table. C-Bali is also well known for its Craft Gin Bar and Cocktail Deck, with the craft gin bar having the largest selection of craft spirits on the KZN South Coast.

Happy Holidays

When it comes to accommodation, Shelly Beach ensures you feel right at home. Happy Holidays is a self-catering accommodation service offering the perfect home for any type of traveller or family travellers. There are self-catering homes within a short distance from all sorts of fun activities like hiking trails, fishing by the ocean and many more. Happy Holidays offers standard, luxury and private self-catering accommodation options. What makes Happy Holidays a good choice for your trip is the affordability and comfort that comes with self-catering accommodation, it is like being right at home. Most of the self-catering homes cater for large groups of travellers.

Choose Shelly Beach for your next trip, and experience the most of what the South Coast offers.

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