Explore Margate

With sights and activities to keep any traveller busy, Margate is waiting to be explored! Experience adventurous outdoor activities, soak up the sun and views while golfing, take a colourful trip through art and culture!

Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or one with more adventure, visit the Margate Art Museum, and take a trip through KZN’s rich art and culture history! The museum is filled with artworks by local and non-local artists and tells a story of traditions and culture that have been found in the KZN region. The entrance to the museum is free and there are guided tours to make sure that visitors get the full museum experience. The museum showcases some of South Africa’s most talented artists, let inspiration strike on your visit!

A trip to the coast would be incomplete if there was no fishing involved! Visit the Margate Fishing Pier and cast your rods, many fishing enthusiasts come to experience what the pier has to offer, what are you waiting for? Come and try your luck! The pier is also a wonderful place to sit and admire the sea views and breathe in some fresh sea air. Many visitors enjoy the adventure of waiting for a catch whilst looking at the gushing waves below. The pier is also equipped with railings that are the correct height for casting your rods, making the fishing experience easier.

Are you an avid golfer looking for your next challenging, yet beautiful course? Well, Margate Country Club has you covered. The club offers an 18-hole course with lovely scenic inland views and an array of birdlife to keep you company. A challenge is trying to spot Nyala that can sometimes be seen adjacent to the course, challenge accepted! The club is known for its hospitality, whether you are a local or a visitor, be prepared to feel right at home. There is an on-site restaurant for when you have worked up an appetite, as well as a snooker table if you have had enough golf for the day.

Nature is calling! A must-see attraction is the River Valley Nature Reserve with its colourful flora and indigenous plants and over 145 different bird species. The reserve itself forms part of the Ivungu River region and where there is water, there is life. There is a vast selection of wildlife that can be seen in the reserve, such as Impala, Nyala, Bushbuck, and so many more. The array of colourful flora can be observed by taking one of the famous walking trails in the reserve, on a visit, you can expect to see Natal Strelitzia, as it is the dominant flower species of the region. The reserve also has comfortable cottage accommodation options, and for the adventurous, some outdoor camping sites!

After taking in all the sights Margate has to offer, it is time to fill your stomachs, and experience the best-braaied meat that you have ever tasted. Come pay a visit to Senzi’s on Faya, a delicious shisanyama that is known for its tasty meat and refreshing drinks. Have a seat indoors or outdoors and enjoy a full plate of deliciously seasoned meat! Senzi’s makes sure its customers can enjoy themselves whenever needed and are open even during load-shedding. If you are feeling the hunger, Senzi’s will accommodate you anytime!

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