Experience KwaNzimakwe

KwaNzimakwe is beautiful a rural village situated along the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal. The village has many interesting sights and activities to keep you busy, there are hiking and walking trails, and wonderful locals to make you feel welcome!

Within the village is the WowZulu Welcome Centre, visitors are welcomed by local hosts, Neli Nzimakwe and Zonke Madwe. Once welcomed, feel free to get a refreshing beverage or coffee, as well as a local snack, to start this experience off! Take a seat and listen to the stories the locals have to tell about the village, every single one as interesting as the other.

There are local arts and crafts available to purchase and look at. The cultural crafts are one-of-a-kind and will add an extra bit of beauty to your home! In the centre, visitors can arrange for walks around the village area and take in the lush coastal forests and green rolling hills that the KwaZulu Natal South Coast is known for.

Once visitors have been welcomed, the walking begins! While walking, visitors can choose to seek out a sangoma or traditional healer and receive blessings on their journey. Learn the story about how the local sangoma received the calling to become a healer. There are cattle to be seen roaming around the area, and stories to be told about the importance of cattle in the traditional culture of the region. Discover a lush organic garden and a mountain trail leading past a Shembe Church, up to a community theatre known as Xhuluweshe, what diverse locations!

There are multi-trails in KwaNzimakwe, meaning that visitors can choose from different walking trails with different sites, it is recommended to try all the trails to get the full experience. The walks offer breath-taking views of the green rolling hills. There are also wonderful views when visitors reach the sugar cane fields where the ocean becomes visible and the entire landscape just pieces perfectly together. The walks of the village are 4 hours long, but the terrain is easy to tread, and the sights are endless.

If one is feeling hungry along the way, feel free to purchase a traditional meal, consisting of chicken, Zulu steamed bread with spicy beans or spinach, delicious! Food tells a great deal about a culture, this traditional meal is something to tick off the bucket list and has enjoyed great reviews.

There are comfortable lodging options nearby, for those who wish to stay in the area a little longer and take it all in!

This experience is truly down to earth and unique. The KwaZulu Natal province is rich in Zulu history as its name suggests, and this place offers a glimpse into cultural practices that cannot be seen anywhere else in South Africa.

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