Discover the Ingeli Forest and surrounds

The Ingeli Forest is the second-largest indigenous forest in the KwaZulu Natal province. There are many sights to see within the forest itself as well as the luxurious ANEW Ingeli resort that neighbours the forest. The Ingeli forest is the perfect place to visit for nature and bird lovers. The forest has a rich history of its species, with many of them having lived in the forest for hundreds of years, the trees are as old as time and would have many stories to tell if they could talk.

The forest is known for its lush green vegetation and humid environment, giving rise to all sorts of colourful plant life and there are streams and breath-taking waterfalls to be seen. Many different tree species can be found in the forest, such as yellowwood, red stinkwood, sneezewood, Natal Krantz ash, and more. There are an impressive 70 different species of birds in the forest itself, travellers are encouraged to bring their bird encyclopedias with, to make identification of these different species easier.

The forest is unique in that it is home to the rare and endangered Cape Parrot, dawn is the best chance to try and spot the species or its counterparts. This specific parrot species is what attracts many avid bird watchers to the forest every year. There are not only birds to be spotted in the forest, but also dwarf chameleons, and a unique endangered velvet worm can be seen beneath dead leaves, this worm species can only be found in the Ingeli Forest, making it an adventure and a challenge to explore the foliage. This can be a fun adventure for kids too, with a competition for who can spot the velvet worm first.

Once visitors have tired themselves out hiking through the thick vegetation, there is the luxurious Ingeli resort waiting to accommodate you and your family. The resort is as imagined, surrounded by the beautiful Ingeli Forest itself. There are 44 large country rooms which include amenities and other comfortable features, each room has a private veranda for visitors to marvel at their surroundings.

The resort has a mountain bike and a running trail leading into parts of the surrounding forest and there is a lovely refreshing swimming pool situated in the resort, perfect for cooling down after a mountain bike ride or an adventurous hike. Visitors can also treat themselves at the resort’s Seruga Spa with relaxing massage treatments and much more. The rustic resort will satisfy your tastebuds with its on-site restaurant and paid breakfasts to start the day. There are activities to keep the kids busy too, the resort has a kid’s zone equipped with a playroom, outdoor jungle gym and a kid’s holiday programme that runs through the peak holiday seasons.

The Ingeli Forest and resort are the perfect destinations for a visitor’s next holiday, there are activities to keep the whole family busy day after day, scrumptious meals to be enjoyed, and special memories to be made.

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