15 Free things to do along the KZN South Coast

15 Free things to do along the KZN South Coast

Holidays do not always need to be expensive, the South Coast offers many fun and interesting activities to keep you and your wallet happy!

1.Beach fun

Having some fun in the sun on the beach is one of the most popular free activities the South Coast offers. A trip to the beach requires no costs, just bring your swimming costumes, towels, and sunscreen!

2.Picnic memories 

While visiting the beach, make sure to indulge in a nice family or romantic picnic right by the shoreline! Picnics are a great choice for the beach, bring an umbrella, small blanket and picnic basket and you are set!

3.Surf some waves 

The ocean is free! Surfing is a great way to experience the ocean in a completely different kind of way, if you own your own surfboard or even bodyboard, you are set, just bring your enthusiasm.

  1. Whale Watching 

One of the best experiences a person can have is witnessing the spectacle of a whale breaching! Whale watching can be done from many of the whale decks along the South Coast, bring your binoculars to get a closer look and be sure to visit during the Sardine Run season, as other marine life may be visible, sharks and dolphins too!


Observe sea life like never before, if you have a mask and snorkel then you have one of the best ocean activities to enjoy! Snorkelling can be done on almost any South Coast beach, make sure the water is nice and clear though to get a good look at the colourful sea life.


Get some fun exercise on your holiday! Hiking is a great solo or group activity and all you need is a good pair of takkies. Bring some water and your cameras and enjoy the South Coast’s lush greenery like never before!


The South Coast is home to hundreds of different bird species! If you are an avid bird lover and bird watcher then this is an activity that will make some new memories! There are countless birdwatching sights along the South Coast, most of which have free entrance.


Fishing from the shores is free! Bring your fishing rods and bait, find a comfortable spot and fish away! With the Sardine Run coming up, it is one of the best times to plan your fishing trip.

9.Art Galleries 

The KZN South Coast is a historic hotspot! The Margate Art Gallery is a popular choice, even the Waffle House in Ramsgate has its own gallery attached, called Gaze, there is much to gaze at!

10.Mountain Biking 

There are many biking trails for the adventurous along the South Coast, choose one to best fit your abilities and explore trails inland and coastal, each one unique and offering exciting new challenges!

11.Historic Monuments 

The KZN South Coast offers an array of historic monuments, each with its own stories, popular sites include the Port Shepstone Lighthouse with stories of sailor’s past, the San Joao Monument in Port Edward offering a commemoration of the lives lost in a great Portuguese galleon in 1552, and many more!

12.Explore the South Coast on the road 

Take a drive out and explore different vistas along the South Coast, take some beautiful photos and make the most out of the stunning coastal and inland views, who knows you may stumble along a piece of paradise!

13.Flea Markets 

Although you do spend money at a flea market, entrance is free! There are many bustling markets along the coast, filled with locals and visitors alike, the Uvongo and Scottburgh flea markets are quite popular throughout the year and offer a variety of products and foods!

14.Uvongo Parkrun 

Another activity for those wanting to keep fit during the holiday! The Uvongo park run is free to join, just remember to register on their website for the run, they take place every Saturday and the run is a nice 5km long.

15.Shell collecting

Shell collecting is a great, fun activity for couples and families! Make a game out of who can collect the most shells, and offer a prize at the end, it is a free activity, and the shells are just waiting to be found!

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