15 free activities on the KZN South Coast

2020 was a year of hardships, and with the year drawing to a close and the festive season approaching, we wanted to give you a list of fun activities you can do that won’t make a dent in your wallet. The KZN South Coast is full of exciting and free things to do!

1: Ocean fun!

The KZN South Coast is home to 170km of pristine coastline, making the warm Indian Ocean the number one free activity provider in the area. Both locals and tourists flock to the numerous beaches along the coast, to swim, play and spend time with their families and friends! Check out Bazley Beach, Margate Beach, Shelley Beach, or St Michael’s on sea! Bring your surfboard and your sunblock!

2: Picnic lunch

The KZN South Coast is unique for its various ecosystems and local vegetation and wildlife. The communities along these lush coasts have taken it upon themselves to preserve and protect the natural beauty of their lands. A variety of reserves and public parks exist, where you can take the family or that someone special and sit down to a picnic! Surrounded by nature and singing birds, it’s sure to be an amazing afternoon out.

3: Hiking

There are a fair few hiking and walking trails available for those who want to keep active and surround themselves in the natural ecosystems of the area. Many reserves do ask for a small fee to use their trails, while others don’t. The long stretches of beach also provide a picturesque walk.

4: Birdwatching

Due to its diverse ecological systems, the KZN South Coast is home to hundreds of bird species. Habitats in the area include wetlands, coastal, forests, woodlands, and grasslands, all filled with their own unique birdlife. With a chance to see over 380 species, including a few rare species, the KZN South Coast is a bird watcher’s dream!

5: Take a Drive

The KZN South Coast provides the perfect opportunity to hit the open road in search of adventure. With beautiful cultural landscapes further inland, it can be worthwhile taking it slow and breathing in the rich cultural tapestry of the people and the place. Or take a cruise along the coast as the salty air whips your hair. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a scenic route to get you there.

6: Whale Watching

Peppered along the vast coastline you’ll find whale decks. These spaces are designed to provide you with the perfect views of some of the aquatic visitors on the KZN South Coast! Make sure to check up on seasonal migration patterns to find out the best times to glimpse certain creatures. Humpback Whales are sighted regularly from June to December and dolphins are regular visitors down the coast.

7: Build a Sandcastle

The beaches of the KZN South Coast are some of the best places to spend a family afternoon! Dig into the hot white sands and build up an awesome sandcastle with the whole family!

8: Uvongo Flea Market

The flea market in Uvongo has been going for 19 years. Locals gather to sell their homemade crafts and art. Have a browse and chat with the people in the area, you never know, you might find something perfect to take home with you!

9: Visit an Art Gallery

With such a rich cultural history in the area, the KZN South Coast is also a hub for art and creativity. Visit a gallery like Gaze, attached to the Waffle House in Ramsgate, or Margate Art Gallery, for a chance to see some local and international exhibits.

10: Snorkelling

Grab your mask and snorkel and dive below the surface of the waves. The warm waters are home to schools of fish and rock pools along the shore are brimming with life. A chance to teach the kids about the ocean and its inhabitants, a snorkel is always a good time!

11: Monuments

The KZN South Coast is a convergence point in local and European history. Various monuments exist along the coastline and inland, where history has left its mark, or the local communities have commemorated a significant moment. For instance, the San Joao Monument commemorates the lives lost on a Portuguese Trading vessel and that is accountable for the first meetings between Southern Africans and Europeans.

12: Parkrun

For those who don’t want to sacrifice the gains while they are celebrating the festive season, parkrun takes place every Saturday in Uvongo. To take part is completely free, but there is a registration to fill in, so check out their website. The run is 5km and is usually followed by a cup of coffee at C-Bali.

13: Find a Waterfall

You’re never too far from a waterfall down the KZN South Coast. Locals and tourists can explore the area and find a slice of paradise. The Oribi Gorge and Umzimkulwana river offer a perfect example, and access is free to the public!

14: Bike rides

Bring your bicycle and explore the KZN South Coast. For those seeking adventure, there are more serious mountain biking trails inland and in the coastal forests. Also, on offer is a relaxed peddle along the beachfront! Whatever your mood, get some fresh coastal air in your lungs as you cycle around!

15: Fishing

Grab your rod and cast a line and you might get lucky! The KZN South Coast provides the perfect spot to catch fish, sharks, and skate! Make sure to check that you have the correct permit though!

The KZN South Coast is the perfect place to take a break this festive season. Find something for the whole family this Christmas and come play in the Paradise of the Zulu Kingdom.

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