A Cup For The South Coast

A Cup for the South Coast!

Nothing satisfies the senses more than a delectable cup of coffee. Luckily, the South Coast is home to the Southernmost coffee farm in the world: Beaver Creek Coffee Estate.

What’s the Buzz?

The illustrious Beaver Creek Estate is home to crops of Arabia coffee trees, which are showered with love from their inception to the moment it hits your lips.

Beaver Creek does it all themselves. From the growing and roasting of their famous cultivars, to blending and packaging per order to ensure quality and freshness.

To share the experience of ”the world’s southernmost coffee farm”, Beaver Creek offers full farm tours throughout the day. These tours are set in the immaculate fields, where berries look stunning as they glisten in the sun, emanating an aura of relaxation and awe at the beautiful scenery.

There is no need to break the bank as the tour is easy on the pocket, costing only R60 per person! If that isn’t bargain enough, children under the age of 12 get to enjoy this experience for free!

Coffee crazy?

Are you a coffee novice? Or are you wanting to hone your coffee crafting skills? Well,  Beaver Creek Coffee Estate offers an array of coffee crafting classes so that you can impress your friends and family back home. Also on offer are professional Barista courses for those who want to take their coffee creations to the next level.

After a long day of tours and Barista lessons, a cup of coffee goes best paired with a delicious meal. Beaver Creek has it covered, from niche quiches to bulging burgers.

Got a sweet tooth? The granadilla cheesecake is sure to please, leaving you copiously content and ready to return!

A place in every home

Experience beaver creek coffee estate from the comfort of your own kitchen by visiting their online store which is choked-full of creative coffee contraptions and balanced coffee blends:


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